‘Cup’ Feeder Slows Horses’ Consumption Rate

Researchers at Texas A&M University recently tested a newly designed feed bucket against traditional flat and rubber feeders. The results showed that the new bucket slowed consumption and reduced waste.

The Pre-Vent feeder has eight small cups molded into the bottom, which are designed to slow horses’ rate of consumption and aid in feed efficacy. According to Ted H. Friend, MS, PhD, faculty fellow and professor of animal behavior and well-being at Texas A&M University, “Proponents of the ‘cups’ design believe that it may reduce feed waste, choke, and sand colic by reducing the speed at which a horse can eat and the amount of feed that a horse drops and then eats off the ground.”

Read more: http://www.thehorse.com/articles/29578/cup-feeder-slows-horses-consumption-rate-reduces-waste