About Us

Morton Nutrition is owned and operated by Demeter Grains primarily a major seed & grain export company

Morton Nutrition owns the only Micronizing Plant in WA and produces top quality Equine feeds for the Local and Export markets using quality WA grain. The micronizing process maintains the palatability of the feed whilst improving digestibility.

The Morton’s Product Range supplies you with top quality micronized grains and mueslis. The muesli products in the range have been formulated by an equine nutrition specialists to be in line with the latest equine nutrition research and each feed has been developed to suit a specific purpose.

Micronizing is an infra-red cooking process used to improve the digestibility of grains for horses. A combination of moisture, heat and physical pressure is used to change the structure of starch (in a process known as gelatinization) and protein in the grains to improve their digestion in the horse’s small intestine. Grains digested in the horse’s small intestine provide the horse with greater nutritional value and don’t cause the diseases associated with grain overload into the hindgut.

Because Micronized Grains are digested in the small Intestine they do not cause the behavioural problems associated with the hindgut fermentation of uncooked grains.

Micronized Grains are suitable for:

  • Performance & working horses
  • Pleasure & pony club horses
  • Horses that need to gain weight
  • Growing horses & spellers
  • Aged horses or finicky eaters
  • Stud stallions & mares in or with foal
  • Horses in show or sale preparation